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We have instituted new changes to the billing code.  An invoice will be generated
WHENEVER you create a client, UNLESS you have pre-paid.

Nothing has changed, EXCEPT all client names on invoices are now Client ID #'s.
If you are unsure which ID number is for which invoice, ID# is in your client list.

If you need an invoice with a client name on it, you can generate one from your client list. Click the radio button in the Re-Send Invoice column for the client you need.
Then click the Send Invoice button above, next to the RE-DO button.
A new invoice will be sent to you with the client's name in it.

As always, if you accidentally create the client twice, email us and it's gone.

And, ofcourse, REDO'S are always FREE

Did you know? You can always download your reports using REPORT CHECK available on the Main Menu. If you didn't get your reports e-mailed,
check your preferences setting, spam filter or download them.



* We accept credit card orders and payments over the phone. You can also use PayPal
by pressing the Buy or Pay Using PayPal button when you log in.





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