Administrator's View

The Administrator's main tasks are:

     * Adding counsellors to their account.
     * Dispensing Client Packs to their Counsellors
     * Managing their Counsellors and their Counsellors' Clients


QuickNOC Pro Career Guide Makes Management of Your Account, EASY


Add or Remove Client Packs Entry Screen

Dispensing client packs is easier than ever!
Simply click the Client Pack icon next to the counsellor's name.
The Add/Remove Client Packs Entry Screen will appear.

Add or Remove Client Packs


Why Client Packs?

Client Packs are a great way to manage your account and save money in the process. You can purchase Client Packs in bulk, drastically reducing your costs. You can easily manage your "store" of client packs, dispensing them as needed to your counsellors. Some organizations need to use only the Advanced Section. Some organizations only need to use the Simple Section. Using Client Packs, you can let your counsellor decide who can benefit most from using either section or both sections.

Clients benefit in that they have access to a great resource (Simple Section) should their counsellor determine it would be helpful to them.

Counsellors benefit in having access to both great resources, the Simple Section AND the Advanced Section.

Administrators benefit in that they can purchase in bulk and reduce their organizations cost, increase productivity, save incredible amounts of time, standardize an irreplacable assessment tool, and manage their counsellors and their caseloads.

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